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  • Will using BST compatible printer cartridges void my printer warranty or affect my service contract ?

NO. Your existing printer warranty is still in effect and we give you a lifetime warranty on all of our BST compatible printer cartridges. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prohibits companies from voiding your warranty for using non-OEM products, click here for more info.

  • How do BST compatible printer cartridges compare to the original name brand printer cartridges ?

You will find that our products are equal in all ways to the original brand except with a savings of up to 60%! This is because our products are made with the finest quality components under strict ISO 9001 & 14001 manufacturing procedures. And our products are manufactured in some of the largest quality conscious factories in the world.

  • Why should I buy BST  compatible printer cartridges ?

By using BST compatible printer cartridges you can save from 40-60% compared to your printer brand with no sacrifice in quality! This can literally add up to thousands of dollars per year saved for high-volume users. 

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