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Own Your Own Distributorship

We have opportunities throughout the country for distributorships. We offer a "turn-key" Distributorship Opportunity for those who Qualify. 

Are you someone who enjoys your freedom? Being in control of your time and believes that there's more to life than just "working for a check?" If that's YOU and If you are Looking for a Turnkey Business, with no inventory, very low overhead, a product that is a constant consumable (used over and over again), that is recession proof and has the potential to do $15,000 - $20,000 + / month at an average of 60% gross profit, on top of all that you can operate this business from your CURRENT LOCATION, then we would love to talk with you.
We have an opportunity for you at a low investment to own and operate your own business that will give you great flexibility, freedom and financial stability. It takes getting out and meeting people, but the product is a Consumable that people/businesses will always need and buy.

Printer Ink Check

We manufacture toner/ink for printers….When was the last time you had to buy a toner at Staples? Price check one… a Q2612A, Staples price $70, our cost (cost) to manufacture this toner, $13, you sell it at $31, all day long, if not more, you see the margins…check it out and you will see the huge potential. 
We are looking for men/women who have a desire to work for themselves and own their own business. 
No Inventory, No ongoing overhead, No storefront needed! 
We have 5 major warehouse throughout the country and we blind drop ship to customers on your behalf offering 24 hour turnaround service.

Colorful Business Cards

We provide all marketing materials (website, fliers, business cards) - you pay nothing extra for these items. The website is hosted, maintained, backed up and updated by our IT dept.
We are expanding in a very unique way, offering individuals an opportunity to own a Distributorship.
As the supplier our money is made on being your supplier, yes, their is a exclusivity agreement you will need to sign. But our pricing is will keep you very competitive.
This business can be run from a home office is desired, you simply need to network with businesses and business owners in order to build that relationship in order to earn their business.
We offer exclusive areas of operation and our commitment to help you be successful.

Dollar Bills

LOW INVESTMENT INCLUDES ALL THIS: • Fully Functional Website (over 2300 products) • We host/maintain/backup/update • Does not include credit card setup/ processing (Paypal recommended) • Your Own Domain Name/ Professional Email • Discounted Shipping Rates • Outstanding Warehouse Service & Support • Comprehensive Business Checklist for Complete Setup • 3 Training Sessions With a Business/Marketing Coach • Mentoring With Other Successful Ink & Toner Entrepreneurs

CALL TODAY TO SEE IF WE HAVE A DISTRIBUTORSHIP AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA                                                                 214-663-3268 

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